Looking for a community?

Join us for COOL – short for “Community of Love” – it’s GBI Toronto’s take on a cell group. A safe place for spiritual and personal growth, offering a space for connecting, strengthening your faith, and forming genuine friendships.

What we do?

COOL Meets on the first and third Fridays

At COOL, we’re all about curating an environment where youths can engage and connect. It’s a place where we can discover and fulfill God’s destiny. Here, curiosity finds its voice without judgment, creating an open space for exploration. It’s a platform to spread love, blessing, and collectively grow wiser, drawing guidance from the Bible. COOL is our learning ground, where shared experiences become invaluable lessons shaping our path forward.

Expect a blend of fun activities with your COOL as well! From winter activities like skating and snowboarding, summer adventures like hiking, road trips, sports days, BBQs, and camping to all-season activities that truly bond us – board games, shared meals, and simply being together.

We’ve got over 70 youths signed up and waiting to rock with you. Choose from 3 different locations.

Match with a COOL today!


Situated near the Bloor and Yonge subway station, this group offers a welcoming haven for downtown residents looking for a close-knit community to grow with.


Serving Toronto’s west end, located just steps away from Islington station, it’s a hub for fostering lasting friendships and faith exploration.


Catering to the west side of the Greater Toronto Area, including residents from Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, and Oakville. Experience a supportive community environment for spiritual growth and companionship.

Find your crew

Explore and join a community near you today. Experience fellowship, faith growth, and lasting friendships in COOL.