Our Vision

GBI Toronto

“If only you knew that you were created with a purpose. You would walk in your calling. It
might not be crystal clear, but at the least you would know there really is a purpose for
you to be here. In my own story, walking in my calling has been full of bumpy roads, dead
ends, unexpected intersections and lane changes. However, this year, I pray for the
clarity of purpose as we enter a new chapter in each of our life stories.

The year 2019 is a year of new birth. God is calling for GBI Toronto to take part in
our city’s own new beginnings as we stand at the frontlines of revival.

God has been building and molding this church by hand since 2010. Over the years, we
have been obeying and over the years, God has been revealing that He is using this
church as His tools in the soon-coming city-wide movement of His Holy Spirit.

Maybe it is for such a time as this that GBI Toronto is called to stand on guard for this city.
Maybe it is for such a time as this that GBI Toronto is called to humble itself and unite with
the city as one body of Christ and pray for transformation in Toronto.

I pray I will see God establish His prayer warriors in this city, and God will build His prayer
tower in this city—a space filled with prayer, praise, and worship, day and night, in unity.

You may not see your calling clearly today, but if you trust that God has already created
you with a purpose, then you will walk in it even if you presently see through a glass
darkly. We are more than happy to get to know you and God’s divine appointment for you.”

— Pastor Ferdy