About Us

As a community, we follow Jesus in every aspects of our lives. We sincerely believe that by empowering the next generation, we could help fulfill God’s destiny and raise them to be a generation of world-changers.

Our Pastors

Ps. Ferdy Tjahjadi

& Ps. Mailina Kurniawan

Get to know our wonderful lead Pastor Ferdy and his wife, Pastor Ami. They’re all about cherishing life’s simple pleasures and helping everyone tap into their incredible potential. Their warm and friendly approach, coupled with their love for life’s little things, makes them a guiding light in our community. Plus, they’ve got big hearts—yes, even for the troublemakers and rebels—because they truly want everyone to embrace who they’re meant to be in God’s eyes.

Ps. Nanda Kuswanto

& Ps. Maureen Usman

Meet the duo who is dedicated to guiding and uplifting young individuals on their spiritual journeys. Pastor Nanda? He’s all about two things: munching on delicious food and diving into God’s Word (sometimes simultaneously!) and when he’s not assisting others in navigating life’s challenges, you might catch him playing a lot of video games. As for Pastor Maureen, her heart is wholly dedicated to helping youths encounter God and experience transformative lives.

Our Community

Rooted in the spirit of community, we extend a helping hand to one another, creating a supportive environment where every member is valued. Beyond our shared moments during our Sunday Service, we cherish the time after, where we come together to connect, unite, and grow together. 

We call ourselves the “BLUEBIN” community. Which draws its name from the belief that, like recyclable materials, we can be transformed into something meaningful and positive. Laughter, mutual support, and a shared love for Jesus define the extraordinary essence of our community.

Rubin The Raccoon

Gereja Bethel Indonesia. Indonesian Church in Toronto

Our Local Vision


Why are we here?

This is a common question asked by many people from all walks of life, and the answers to said question would vary from one person to the next. We do believe in this one truth: that as a follower of Jesus, you are not meant to just go through life by simply graduating from school, getting a job, starting a family, growing old, and then leaving this world. 

We believe that every person has a unique purpose from God beyond the universal call as a follower of Jesus to finish the Great Commission. When believers discover God’s unique purposes in their lives, then they can pursue those purposes with all their heart, and God will lead them into their destiny.

Therefore, we as a church believe that it is our calling to equip believers in pursuing God’s destiny. Through the lifestyle of prayer, praise and worship in unity day and night, we want to teach this generation to be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, become salt and light wherever they are, as well as multiply the talents God has entrusted them with in every aspect of their lives.