The Power of the Prayer of Jabez

Testimony by: Ps. Mailina Kurniawan

1 Chronicles 4:10 – “Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let Your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.”

A few months ago I started to experience painful menstrual period during my period times. This was not something that I normally would experience or have ever experienced since I was young. Though at first I thought it was something normal, but the pain got worse until I could not bear it anymore. Due to this extreme pain, I made a decision to visit a gynecologist. During my visit to the doctor, I was sent for an ultrasound and a few tests. The result was unexpected; I was diagnosed with both ovarian cysts and fibroids. Even though the doctor prescribed me pain killer medication (i.e. I was prescribed with something stronger than Advil Extra Strength), the extreme pain kept bugging me each and every
month; it never went away.

There was one time when I asked God, “What now, God? I don’t get You! This is just too painful!” During these times I never had any restful night because of the severe pain. I could not sleep at all; I moaned in pain all night. Sometimes it was even too difficult for me to come to work. I could not think clearly! All I can think of was the pain. Late summer, not long after all these happened, we started to sing “The Prayer of Jabez” song at the end of every Sunday Service. The song started to be played regularly after Peter (one member of the church) came back from Indonesia and introduced us this song. He told us his experiences in Indonesia during his vacation, how the church played this song every time they have Sunday Service. I started to build my faith more by singing the song, not as a song to end the service, but more as a prayer request – “… so that I will be free from pain”.

One Sunday Service, I was in this severe pain, and we happened to sing this song. I made a decision to lay my hands on my abdomen (where the pain was), sing in faith that I will be healed, that I would be free from pain. At the same time, my husband, Ps. Ferdy Tjahjadi, also did his part. He fasted and prayed continuously for me. The combination of faith, prayer, fasting, and claiming God’s healing actually delivered me from this pain. One month went by without any pain. However, I did not want to say anything at first, because I doubted myself, “It was just a month; the pain might come back next month, right?” I was so wrong to have doubted. Even though I was given many medications to reduce pain, even stronger medications to help heal the cyst and fibroids, I did not buy them. Three months have gone by without any pain or any pain killer. Praise the Lord!

I was reminded by God of what Dr. Rev. Peter Kumar shared at GBI Toronto a few months ago, “We have received power in Jesus. Jesus has the power to heal the sick, so we as His disciples have been given power also to heal whatever sickness that come to us.” Through this testimony, I really want to remind everyone that the prayer of Jabez that we sing at church every week is not just a song, it is indeed a powerful prayer. The claim that, “[You] keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain,” is a true statement. Keep claiming and believing! (CT)