Sunday, April 9th, 2017

April 9th, 2017

Pastor Ferdy

s p i r i t u a l   g a m e: sing, worship, raise hands but our heart doesn’t worship. (ahem Christians)

“F a t h e r,  I  b e l i e v e” what do we even believe in? Since we believe only 50% it explains why e sway due to frustration.

h e b r e w s  9: 12-14

  • believe in the value of Christ’s blood that covers us, forgive and bless us so we can face God.
    • Sin is forgiven
  • belief in daily life myst be go the same quality of your belief in blood of Christ..

S O N G: “Father I believe/ Your Plan is beautiful/ Father I believe/ You work through all my life / Bringing  goodness for me” –Bapa Kupercaya

– celebrate Good Friday everyday. Why do we only remember and appreciate Christ’s sacrifice once?

“BUT” is a reflection of ourselves. The Word is the truth. There is no clause or room for modification.

S O N G: GIVE THANKS >> Let the weak say I am strong, Let the poor say I am rich

even if things get uncomfortable or id there are restrictions, regardless if you believe in blood of christ you can believe.

  • “I was dead but now I’m alive”

stay firm in your belief with conviction!
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e x o d u s  20: 7-17

  • blood should be just enough for us
  • “I can do it” — remember God has the credit. But only if He wants to, them you will receive it.
  • you will be very eager to share about Jesus to everyone if you truly believe in HIM.
  • if you keep quiet due to pride, are you ashamed to admit that you’re a witness? He is our Saviour!

Start the conversation by using this: “Do you know why it’s called Good Friday?

Challenge accepted? Y E S  O R  N O?