Sunday, February 26, 2017

Speaker: Pastor Eddy

Final Destination

February 26/17

Revelation 1:3

All will be revealed soon. This verse describes the 7 churches that each have fated flaws. It specifically highlights the Church of Philadelphia which Jesus Christ Himself values.

Revelation 3: 7-8, 10-13

There will be many doors God will open (miracles!) that others cannot close.

The focus for preparation is 24-hour worship, this is important! This is referred to as Open Heavens.

Miracles will happen, rest assured!

There will be trials placed on the world such as 2nd coming and tribulations, to test people. However, God will keep us away from the hour of trial because we preserve His command.

Jeremiah 30:7

Jacob’s troubles that lasted for 7 years is symbolic.

Revelation 12: 5-6, 14

Highlight the term 3 1/2 years which is midway of the 7 years in the 2nd coming stage which can connect to Jacob’s 7 years of troubles. 3 1/2 years is how long the devil shall reign.

Daniel 7: 25, 9:25

Before the 2nd coming, there are 7 years, God will keep believers away from trial. These 7 years are the tribulation period.

Look up the United Nations Code Section #23334

Believers need to stand for Israel! Soon when the 2nd coming does arrive, the “King” referred in this scripture is not God! Beware it is the devil who proclaims himself as King, antiChrist.

2 Thessalonians 2: 7-8

The Devil shall be in power for 7 years similar to 7 years of Jacob’s troubles. This will only occur after the church has been raptured because the Holy Spirit (Paraclete) is still on Earth.

There will be chaos in rapture, people will be confused. Antichrist will come and reassure those left behind. He will deceive them for he has a hidden agenda. Israel has prepared to welcome God in their temple, however, the devil will “support” them and enter as God causing deception and cause corruption. People will be living and believe a false truth.

Zachariah 13: 8-9

Those who don’t believe in Jesus (such as Jews) can possibly be stuck during the 7 year period. Gentiles are a difficult topic. Through 24 hour prayer, however, this is the preparation for 2nd coming and rapture!

John 14: 1-3

Your hearts are filled with troubles but do not worry! God’s house ahs many mansions which are the place He prepared for us, he will come again and receive us to Himself where we will be there along with Jesus. Install this into your mind: IT WILL HAPPEN, THIS IS NOT A DREAM!

Zachariah 14:2-5

Isaiah 1: 19

One must be willing and obedient which we will be given the good of the land which is ultimately Jerusalem.

Hebrews 10: 36-37

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After we’ve done the “will” we shall receive His promise. Remember we need endurance which is important in this journey/battle that is yet to come.